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Frequently Asked Questions

Clinical FAQs

1Does PrefConnect™ replace my Operating Room Information System (ORIS)?
PrefConnect™ doesn’t replace but instead compliments your ORIS (Epic, Cerner, MediTech, SIS) for preference card management. PrefConnect™ consumes utilization data from the ORIS and provides clinical users with custom recommendations on specific supply levels. Add, remove, increase, or decrease all through PrefConnect™.
2Will changes made in PrefConnect™ transfer directly to my preference card?
Yes, changes made within PrefConnect™ can be present on your preference card within 24-48 hours through a custom interface or remote services.
3How does PrefConnect™ help us keep our preference cards clean and accurate?
Through continuous and routine data feeds from your ORIS, PrefConnect™ provides an easy-to-use platform at the item level for preference card review by procedure type or surgeon. As supply utilization trends change, PrefConnect™ will identify opportunities for preference card adjustments. This enables a sustainable and manageable approach to preference card maintenance.
4I’m already very busy; how much time will I have to set aside for PrefConnect™?
One of the main objectives of PrefConnect™ is to save time and help clinical staff manage preference cards in a more efficient manner. Clinical users can expect to spend 30-40 minutes per month reviewing targeted recommendations.
5Can I apply changes to more than one preference card through PrefConnect™?
Yes, preference card edits can be applied in a global fashion to more than one preference card.
6Who in my department will have access to use PrefConnect™?
User set up is determined by you, the customer. Each user is provided with a username and password and can access PrefConnect™ own their own. Privileges are mapped according to area of responsibility: i.e., Hospital, Department, Service Line, Procedure type, Surgeon). Typical users include nursing staff and surgical technologists.
7How does PrefConnect™ generate recommendations?
PrefConnect™ consumes historical clinical utilization data and generates custom recommendations by comparing the utilization to the actual preference card value at the item level. Clinical users can approve or decline the recommendation based on their clinical experience.
8We’ve struggled to establish a good process for preference card management; how do I ensure that our staff reviews our preference cards routinely and edits are being applied?
PrefConnect™ users receive routine push emails identifying preference cards with recommendations. From the email notification, users can log-in and review their specific recommendations. All ‘Pending Opportunities’ and ‘Results Achieved’ are tracked through our proprietary dashboard which helps in holding all users accountable and measuring progress.

Financials FAQs

1What is the cost of PrefConnect™?
PrefConnect™ is a monthly subscription-based software priced per OR Suite and will be specific to your facility.
2What are the financial benefits of PrefConnect™ for our surgery department and hospital?
Preference card accuracy plays a critical role in determining supply and labor costs associated with the surgery department. By maintaining clean cards, hospitals can avoid inventory bloat, waste in the OR and the amount of time spent managing the activities associated with case pick and supply returns. Additionally, accurate preference cards will facilitate a more efficient surgical case promoting a successful and safe patient experience.
3How do I determine if we have an opportunity to improve our preference card management practice?
Most surgical departments struggle with preference card management to some degree. If you experience surgeon and staff complaints regarding missing supplies or if you are seeing a high number of supply returns to central supply (case pick), this may indicate an opportunity to review and cleanse the preference cards. PrefConnect™ offers a data diagnostic and analysis to determine if there is an opportunity within your hospital to improve preference card accuracy. Contact us for more information regarding this diagnostic service.

Supply Chain FAQs

1How does PrefConnect™ improve our surgical supply chain?
PrefConnect can play a critical role in improving your surgical supply chain. Accurate preference cards will drive accurate and rational inventory levels. Data analytics and reports are shared routinely to identify preference card edits (supplies deleted, replaced, increased, decreased) to support adjustments to inventory levels. Over time, inventory levels can be right-sized to avoid inventory bloat, obsolescence, and expiration.
2Can PrefConnect™ help us improve compliance on supply contracts?
PrefConnect™ includes contract management features which help identify non-contract supplies utilized in the operating room by case and surgeon. This can be viewed in our Recommendations page or Report page.
3How can PrefConnect™ help my hospital work toward supply standardization for common procedure types to help reduce costs?
A. PrefConnect™ uses powerful analytics technology to provide case comparison by surgeon and procedure. Hospital executives can easily access case level data and opportunity reports to support conversations with clinicians and promote change.

Technical (IT) FAQs

1Where does the data in PrefConnect come from?
PrefConnect™ consumes data from the ORIS and Material Management Information System (MMIS) and will send a detailed data request package to hospital. Once the files have been created, data can be delivered via SFTP on a monthly cadence.
2Will any interfaces be required between PrefConnect™ and any of hospital’s systems?
Interfaces are not required for a successful implementation. An interface between PrefConnect™ and your hospital’s system is one way to transfer preference card edits, but not the only way. PrefConnect™ staff can transfer preference card updates made in PrefConnect to the preference card via remote services and alternate data exchange services.
3Does PrefConnect™ require any protected health information (PHI) as part of the data request?
PrefConnect™ does not request or accept any patient information, however some data elements are considered PHI. For this reason, PrefConnect™ complies with all HIPAA guidelines and your hospital’s business associate protocols.
4How does PrefConnect™ manage our data securely?
PrefConnect™ implements policies and procedures consistent with HIPPA / HITRUST to ensure that your data is safe. We will work directly with your IT department and undergo all Security and Risk Assessments needed to ensure that we meet your hospital’s specific security requirements.